Abortion after 12 weeks

An abortion can usually be performed on an outpatient basis until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy in our medical office using the surgical suction method.

In more advanced pregnancies, the surgery is only possible in exceptional cases for legal reasons. After more than 12 weeks since the beginning of the last period, the decision of the pregnant woman alone is no longer sufficient. There must be serious reasons. A letter of referral from a doctor, a counselling center or a psychiatric report can legally confirm this situation. If you wish to have an abortion after 12 weeks, we must have a detailed discussion in which you explain in detail why you want to have an abortion. This will be recorded in detail by the doctor. A psychiatric report can be helpful, but is not obligatory by law.

The decisive factor for the pregnancy age is the ultrasound findings in our medical office

Depending on the size of the pregnancy, we can perform the procedure on an outpatient basis until the end of the 13th week of pregnancy (sometimes until the 14th week). If your pregnancy is older and you wish to have an abortion, we can provide you with other addresses in Switzerland and abroad. Please give us a call.

Abortions up to 16 weeks of pregnancy are possible in Switzerland

For pregnancies after 16 weeks of pregnancy, we must transfer you to addresses outside Switzerland, usually to the Netherlands. There, abortions are performed by means of surgery up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. The costs are not covered by the health insurance. To register for a late abortion, you need a medical report and an ultrasound. We will help you if necessary.

What reasons must there be for an abortion after 12 weeks? I read the following on your website: In exceptional circumstances, we can perform the surgery on an outpatient basis up to the 14th week. What would be an exceptional situation?

The law defines that “particularly serious reasons” must be given. The reasons must be assessed by the doctor after the 12th week and he or she may only terminate the pregnancy if, in his or her opinion, the reasons for termination are sufficient. The more advanced the duration of the pregnancy, the more serious the reasons must be. Up to 14 weeks such reasons are usually given with the duration only slightly advanced over 12 weeks. We assess the reasons generously. Reasons can be that you have not known about your pregnancy for a long time, that it took you a long time to decide what treatment you want, or that your partner reacts differently than you wanted. Abnormal test results from the first trimester screening or from Bio 1 ultrasound is a possible reason. If you are affected yourself, it is important not to lose any time. Make an appointment as soon as possible. Then we can discuss further options.