Abortion under the age of 16

Before an abortion, pregnant women under the age of 16 need an appointment with a specialized counselling center in addition to consultation with a doctor. You will find the addresses of the counselling center in the guideline. Specialized counselling centers before an abortion under the age of 16 are marked with *. The doctor may only carry out an abortion in adolescents under the age of 16 once you have provided written confirmation that such an interview has taken place. For minors under the age of 18, we always need an official ID (ID, passport, residence permit).


During the consultation in our medical office, we take the issues of medical secrecy and your desire for anonymity very seriously. The involvement of parents may not always be possible. We help you to find a viable way for your situation. In principle, we recommend that you initiate at least one parent.


We recommend that you seek advice from “Lust und Frust” before an abortion under the age of 16 (Fachstelle für Sexualpädagogik und Beratung der Stadt Zürich, www.lustundfrust.ch). The counselling is free of charge. The offer is aimed at young people up to the age of 21. Opening hours can be found on their website. The “Lust und Frust” center is closed during school holidays.

You can find information on the possibility of billing for abortions for adolescents via health insurance under the heading “Costs“.

I would like to get information about medical abortion under the age of 16. Yesterday I got a pregnancy test in the pharmacy, which proved that I am pregnant. I am very desperate, as I am only 16 years old. I need to know what the legal situation is and how much this abortion costs. I can't talk to my parents about this and I want it to be completely anonymous. What can I do? I am very desperate...

If you are sure that you want an abortion, that is your sole decision as soon as you are 16 years old. If you are younger, you need to discuss this not only with your doctor but also with a counsellor. For abortions in adolescents before the age of 16, the law requires prior consultation. It may not always be possible to involve the parents, but it is intended. If you do not want to, the parents do not have to be informed. We will help you to find a way with your problems. The counselling center Lust und Frust (https://www.lustundfrust.ch) in Zurich specializes in advising young people. Counselling is free of charge.

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