Medical secrecy

The medical secrecy obliges us to be completely discreet towards other persons, e.g. also towards your parents, and towards all institutions, e.g. the health insurance companies. Of course, we will not pass on any information without your express request, even to close relatives such as parents or partners. According to the law, abortion must be reported anonymously (without naming) to the cantonal physician. This means that you are not registered by name by the state.
As you will be able to discuss exactly with us whether someone will receive information or not, we can guarantee you full discretion. You have full control over your data. In a large institution, such as a hospital, this control cannot always be guaranteed. For example, the laboratory could send the blood group card home by post, although you have expressly requested notification by email.

The medical secret is also referred to in the Criminal Code as medical professional secrecy or medical secrecy.

The physician’s duty of confidentiality is based on the treatment contract between the patient and the physician and is regulated in the Swiss Penal Code (Art. 321 StGB).

Confidentiality towards health insurances

Confidentiality of the health insurance companies: The health insurance companies must also keep confidentiality for young and very young women, including minors and women under the age of 16, if the women explicitly wish this. In most cases, the health insurance company sends a statement of the services performed to the person who pays the health insurance premium. In the case of young people, this is usually the parents. This can lead to problems. Turn to “Lust und Frust“. There are situations where further solutions are needed, such as anonymising data or entering a different billing address. Such questions must be discussed with your health insurance company prior to medical treatment.

As the procedure is different for each health insurance company, an individual solution is needed. We will be happy to help you.

The covering of costs respectively the reimbursement by the obligatory health insurance for services in connection with an unpunished termination of pregnancy is regulated by the Federal Act on Health Insurance (Art. 30 KVG).

For information processed by the health insurance company, confidentiality is regulated in the general part of the Social Insurance Act (ATSG), in the Data Protection Act (DSG) and in the Health Insurance Act (KVG). All employees of the health insurance company are bound by confidentiality.

Confidentiality: Is anyone informed about the treatment? Now I have done a test and am pregnant. However, this is something that must not happen. Is it possible to have an abortion without anyone knowing? Don't you have to report my name?

Yes, I can do a treatment without anyone knowing. Your name will not be mentioned, only an anonymous report about the treatment will be sent to the cantonal doctor. If you do not want it, the health insurance company does not receive any information either. We will not send the health insurance company an invoice without your consent. If relatives or anyone else inquires with us, we will only inform them about your treatment with your express permission. Aftercare doctors receive the necessary information because we usually assume that they have only heard from you that you have been treated by us. In case of doubt, we refuse to provide the information.

How can I have an abortion without my parents or health insurance company knowing about it? Can I have an abortion without my parents knowing (I am 16 years old)? About the cost of an abortion: Is it possible to pay for the abortion in cash in your medical office without the health insurance company paying for anything?

Yes, both questions can be answered with Yes. If you are 16 years old, the parents do not have to know anything about it and even before 16 years we can find legal ways in Switzerland if it is not possible to inform the parents.

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