Treatment costs of abortion for adolescents

The treatment costs for abortion are part of the compulsory benefits provided by health insurance companies, also for adolescents.

Young people under the age of 16 have the right of medical secrecy towards their parents. However, the person who pays the health insurance premium (usually the parents) receives a detailed statement of treatment costs, e.g. for an abortion. The same applies to adults over the age of 18, for example students who do not pay their health insurance premiums themselves.

If an adolescent finds herself in a situation where she wants to keep the abortion secret, she will have to clarify the situation with her own health insurance company before the abortion. She has to find an arrangement for billing. As this has to be discussed individually with each health insurance company, there is no universal solution.

The flat rates are as follows

Medical abortion

CHF 700.-

Surgical abortion

CHF 800.-

for surgical abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy

CHF 1000.-

If you do not know your blood group, you will also need an additional anti-D prophylaxis with Rophylac (CHF 120.-).

The costs according to KVG for a medical abortion are about CHF 750.- to CHF 800.-.

The total costs (*for both medical bills) according to KVG for surgical abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy are approx. CHF 1200.- to CHF 1400.-. The amounts may vary. External laboratory costs are not included.

Depending on your health insurance company (e.g. Assura), it is possible that you may have to make a down payment of our flat rate at the time of treatment. At the end of the treatment you will receive the fee invoice and a reimbursement receipt, which you should send to your health insurance company (Tiers Payant).

Costs of abortion treatment for adolescents

It is often important for young people to insist explicitly that there should be no postal correspondence with parents. Sometimes the bill has to be paid directly after the treatment. For example, it may be important that the bill is not issued electronically but on paper. In most cases, physicians now settle their bills directly (electronically) with the health insurance company. As a result, the insured young person loses control where the bill with the treatment costs for the abortion is sent.

It is therefore an additional effort for the health insurance company to comply with your request, although the company is obliged to do so.

Method choice and cost: The pregnancy is now in the early 5th week. Which method is best to terminate the pregnancy? How long does this treatment last and what does it cost?

Up to 7 weeks after the beginning of the last menstrual period, the medical method is most gentle for most women. As the pregnancy progresses, medical abortion becomes increasingly painful.
In Switzerland, medical abortions are only permitted up to the 49th day of pregnancy as a compulsory service of the health insurance company; in the EU, however, the allowance is valid for up to 63 days. Medical abortions are technically (adapted dosages) still possible much later. In the case of early pregnancy, medication can be administered on an outpatient basis. As a rule, one day of inability to work must be considered for the expulsion under Cytotec®.

With 7 weeks or more I recommend a chirurgical procedure with local anesthesia. Prior to 6 weeks, the success and completeness of a surgical procedure can neither be checked by ultrasound nor by direct control of the material; which I consider to be a small safety risk. For an out-patient abortion under local anesthesia, the woman has to spend 2 hours in the doctor’s office or half a day in the clinic. In addition, a preliminary talk is necessary. Information about the costs can be found here.

Abortion in Liechtenstein? What about patients living in the Principality of Liechtenstein or elsewhere abroad? Do you also carry out abortions with medication if the patient wishes?

Yes, of course, any regulations in Liechtenstein do not apply to our treatments. Swiss law applies. Decisive is the pregnant woman’s signed and confirmed wish and decision to have an abortion performed up to 12 weeks after the beginning of the last menstrual period. In theory, Liechtenstein law asserts that you are liable to prosecution if you have an abortion carried out in Switzerland / abroad. However, it is doubtful whether this would be valid under European law.
Surgical abortion can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia in the medical office or with short-term anesthesia in the clinic. You can arrive on the same day and then go back home. If you have an abortion with medication, you only have to take the first medication (Mifegyne®) with your physician. If you take the second medication (Cytotec®) at home, medical care (in particular telephone availability) and follow-up checks have to be guaranteed.

Will my health insurance company be informed about an abortion? If I am pregnant, I would like to have an abortion. I would then have to do this anonymously. I do not want my health insurance company to be informed of this under any circumstances. Is this possible with you?

An abortion can be paid for privately by us and in many other places without the health insurance company having to know about it. We assure you full control over your data.

What does an abortion cost?

An abortion costs a flat rate of CHF 700.- (medical) or CHF 800.- (surgical). The average costs were determined in a study in French-speaking Switzerland that took place some time ago and at that time were estimated at two thirds more than CHF 1000.- and in one third as much as CHF 1500.- to 3500.-.
My own research in the city of Zurich shows the following: The lowest costs for an abortion are for registered physicians (CHF 800.- to 1000.-). In hospitals, the costs are usually somewhat higher. Surgical abortion costs about CHF 800.- to 1400.- for registered physicians. At the hospital, costs of CHF 1800.- to 2200.- can be expected.