Medical abortion

Whenever possible, we use the One Stop MToP method for medical abortion. In the first 7 weeks of pregnancy (until the 49th day after the beginning of the last menstruation), treatment with the abortion pill Mifegyne® followed by 2 tablets of Cytotec® is the method of choice.

For medical abortion, the following two medications are combined:

Mifegyne® mifepristone or RU486, (abortion pill)

is an antigestagen that blocks the pregnancy-preserving effect of the hormone progesterone produced by the body. This sensitizes the uterus to Cytotec® and the cervix opens.

Cytotec® (Misoprostol)

is a synthetic prostaglandin. It is administered orally or vaginally 36-48 hours after taking mifepristone. Prostaglandins trigger contractions of the uterine muscles, which expel the fruit sac with mucous membrane and blood and complete the medical abortion. Cytotec® is used as off-label* use.

The medical abortion method is safe. It is successful in 95-97% of all cases. The side effects vary in severity. Since incomplete departures or continuing pregnancies occur in 2-3% of all applications, a follow-up check is required.

What effects does medical abortion have on a new pregnancy?

Residual effects of the abortion pill Mifegyne® / Cytotec® are no longer to be expected. Permanent damage caused by an abortion is extremely rare. The rate of miscarriages is not increased, regardless of how quickly you become pregnant again. There are no visible permanent traces after an abortion.

Are there any physical or psychological damages after an abortion?

If a woman clearly decides to have an abortion, she has dealt with the issue. There are women whose thoughts have long revolved around abortion. These are practically always women with a pre-existing psychological instability. Scientific studies show no connection between mental illness and previous abortions.
Physical consequences after an abortion with medication are not to be expected. Fertility is not impaired either.

When can I get pregnant for the next time after an abortion?

You can become pregnant again immediately after an abortion. It is possible that you will become pregnant again the next time you ovulate, i.e. without menstrual bleeding.

What does off label use mean?

*off-label use refers to the prescription of a finished medicinal product outside the area of application approved by the drug regulatory authorities. Most prescriptions for children and pregnant women are off-label use, as no corresponding studies are available. Misoprostol is clearly cheaper off-label use. 2 tablets of Cytotec® (200 mg misoprostol per tablet, off label use) cost 1.25 CHF. MisoOne® (400 mg misoprostol, registered for abortion) costs 26.35 CHF.

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