After the medical termination of pregnancy

After a medical abortion, precautions are taken to protect against infection. A follow-up check is also necessary.

After the heavy bleeding has subsided, a 7-14 day (rarely longer) period of heavy menstrual bleeding is to be expected.
After treatment with the abortion pill, there is a risk of inflammation. You should not insert anything into the vagina until after the end of the bleeding and for another 3 days, as the cervix may still be a little open:
– Use tampons instead of bandages.
– Take a shower and / or wash yourself externally. No full bath. No swimming pool visits. No sauna sessions.
– Avoid sexual intercourse with penetration of the male penis into your vagina.

With the One Stop MToP method you carry out the post-abortion check after the abortion exactly 2 weeks after the application of Cytotec®. You will receive a special urine test (CheckToP®). This test shows a positive result if the pregnancy hormone (=Beta-HCG) is higher than 1000 units. If the CheckToP® test is positive, you must come back to us again, as this indicates an incomplete, unsuccessful abortion. This occurs in 2-4% of all treatments.

My menstruation has not yet come four weeks after the abortion. When is the next period? How long should I wait after the abortion? When can I become pregnant again?

Normally, the 1st menstruation after the medical abortion can be expected after 4-6 weeks. If 6 weeks after the abortion no menstruation has started, you should contact our medical office.

How long does the pregnancy test remain positive after a medical abortion?

A pregnancy test from a pharmacy already shows very low values of 25-50 IE. Despite successful treatment, such a test shows a positive result up to 6 weeks after an abortion with medication. A conventional pregnancy test is therefore not suitable for follow-up check after a medical abortion. If a pregnancy test from the pharmacy is positive after 6 weeks, you should contact our medical office to exclude residual material or a new pregnancy.

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