Abortion after 7 weeks

In exceptional cases, medical abortion can be carried out after 7 weeks (maximum 9 weeks of pregnancy).

As the pregnancy grows every day, the unpleasant side effects, especially the heavy bleeding during expulsion and the pain and cramps can increase significantly with increasing pregnancy duration. As a method for abortion after 7 weeks, we therefore recommend a surgical procedure.

In Switzerland, medical abortion with Mifegyne® is only permitted as a statutory benefit until the 49th day after the beginning of the last period (7 weeks). In the EU, Mifegyne® is approved until the 63rd day (9 weeks).

What is the success rate for abortion after 7 weeks?

Treatment with Mifegyne® and Cytotec® is successful for up to 63 days in 98 percent of cases. After 9 weeks, the success rate of the treatment drops to 96 percent.

What is the procedure for a medical abortion after 9 weeks?

In more advanced pregnancies an abortion at home is no longer possible. In exceptional cases (e.g. in the case of serious malformations of the fetus), a medical abortion in the hospital is also possible in the second half of the pregnancy. In order to ensure a high success rate, the dosage of the medication must be adjusted and the abortion takes longer. The concerned women are often in the delivery room or in the maternity ward. It is possible that the affected women come into contact with women giving birth or women who have recently given birth and their babies. A post-curettage is usually performed.

How long is a surgical abortion possible?

Surgical abortion can be performed in the medical office for up to 14 weeks, and if the doctor is experienced, up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. In some clinics with appropriate experience the abortion is also performed later (in the operating theatre in Switzerland up to 18 weeks of pregnancy, in Holland up to 22 weeks of pregnancy).

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