Medical abortion

For the medical abortion you receive 2 different medicaments in tablet form, which you must take in a fixed time interval.

If you have clearly decided to have an abortion with the abortion pill, you will receive the medicament Mifegyne® to swallow immediately after the physician consultation. Mifegyne® blocks the effect of the pregnancy-preserving corpus luteum hormone (progesterone). Occasionally, the bleeding already begins on the following day, and in 5-10% of women, the fruit blister even disappears.

The medicament Mifegyne® must be taken directly in the medical office. It is not given to take home.


The second part of abortion is the application of the medicament Cytotec® after two days (36-48 hours after Mifegyne®). You will receive 2 tablets for vaginal application. Insert this prostaglandin preparation as deeply as possible into the vagina. In two out of three women, the amniotic sac and blood are expelled in the following three to four hours.

Heavy bleeding can occur several times at shorter intervals during abortion with the abortion pill. Cytotec® often causes severe and unpleasant side effects (diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, chills). We therefore recommend that you stay at home. If required, we will be happy to issue you with a medical certificate. As a preventive measure, you will receive painkillers and medication against nausea. In most cases you can work again the day after the second part of the abortion. If there is no bleeding, a 2nd dose of Cytotec® makes sense. It is important for us to know how you are doing. We therefore ask you to call us on the day of the Cytotec® application.

An understanding companion at your side is often a help during the medical abortion and especially during the time of expulsion.

Is medical abortion really not dangerous?

Neither surgical nor medical abortions are dangerous if they are performed with experience. There is no evidence that women can no longer become pregnant through abortion. Heavy bleeding can only be expected in 1 in 10,000 cases.

After Mifegyne® and Cytotec® I did not have any supermenstrual bleeding and hardly any pain. Is that normal? Did the treatment really work?

You may experience only minor side effects. Especially in an early pregnancy the bleeding after Mifegyne® / Cytotec® can only be menstrually strong. This has no influence on the success of the treatment. In case of doubt, please call the medical office.

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