One Stop MToP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)

With the One Stop MToP method, a single visit to the physician is sufficient for a medical abortion.

You know exactly what you need and want to be as private as possible and at home during an abortion. Examination and consultation should be limited to the necessary minimum. For medical abortions we use the One Stop MToP method (Medical Termination of Pregnancy). The special feature of this method is that, as a rule, a single consultation with a physician is sufficient*. This reduces your effort. We can clarify everything else by e-mail or telephone. However, if necessary, we are there for you all the time and more than once. The phone is operated daily, even on weekends.

The One Stop MToP method is safe and highly appreciated by the women treated.

As there is only one consultation, you will receive a lot of important information. You should therefore plan at least 1 hour for this.

After the consultation and the examination, we will give you all the necessary medication with detailed written instructions to take home. After 2 weeks, you will carry out the check-up yourself using a special urine test (checkToP®). In this way, a further consultation can be avoided in 85% of cases.

* The method can only be used if the pregnancy can be visualized inside the uterus using ultrasound.

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