Surgical abortion

Due to the increase in the size of the amniotic sac, the symptoms (heavy bleeding, pain) tend to increase during a medical abortion. We therefore recommend the surgical abortion from 7+0 weeks of pregnancy (suction curettage, aspiration method).

The surgical abortion is gentle and yet thorough. In medical terms, this is called suction curettage. It is performed between 7 and 12 weeks of pregnancy (in exceptional cases up to 14 weeks of pregnancy). As the amniotic sac is too small before 7 weeks, the success of the surgical abortion cannot be monitored by ultrasound. We therefore perform surgical abortions only after 7 weeks of pregnancy.

The surgical method requires preparatory medication several hours before the procedure. Under local anesthesia and with additional painkillers (strong opiates) through the vein, the uterine orifice is opened to 9 mm (more after the 10th week) with fine and gradually wider pins (dilatation). Then the mucous membrane and thus the fruit can be sucked out with a 6-8 mm thick tube (from the 10th week, possibly 10-13 mm).

For legal reasons, the surgical consent must be signed separately from the procedure. Therefore, the preliminary examination and the surgical abortion take place in two separate doctor consultations. You will receive two doctor’s bills. If you have a longer journey, the two consultations can be planned on the same day. This saves you a second journey.

The preliminary examination takes 1 hour. The surgical abortion lasts only 5 minutes. However, preparations are necessary, so the room is reserved for 1 hour.

After the surgical abortion, you will stay with us for about 1 hour for monitoring. After 1-2 weeks, you should have a post-operative check-up (with the referring doctor or with us).

Where are surgical abortions performed after 9 weeks of pregnancy?

Surgical abortions were previously performed outside the hospital. This has changed in the last 20 years. Now most surgical abortions are performed in the hospital. Since this is a small operation, it is also possible to perform it outside the hospital, in a gynecological office operating room. We offer safe alternatives. Please read our information. You will be fit again more quickly than after a general anesthetic.

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