Complications of surgical termination of pregnancy

Complications are very rare and not to be expected in the case of a legal surgical abortion. Your fertility will not be affected by the abortion in any way.

To avoid vomiting due to nausea, you should not eat anything for 4 hours before the procedure. To prepare for the procedure, you will be given medication that will slightly open the cervix. This minimizes the risk of injury. Sometimes these medications cause slight bleeding before the operation. Possible complications during every operation can be bleeding, infections and injuries. After the operation, we therefore check the amount of bleeding before the operation is finished. As an infection prophylaxis you will receive antibiotics.

As you do not have a general anesthetic during the procedure, all risks of anesthesia are eliminated. These represent the major part of possible complications during surgical abortion in hospital. Bleeding and other surgical risks are also at least four times lower, but already extremely rare. Nevertheless, good to very good pain treatment is guaranteed. After the operation, 9 out of 10 women believe that the pain was minimal and that they imagined the operation to be significantly worse than it was.

Serious complications

If serious complications should occur, the Triemlispital Women’s Clinic is our contact partner. There is an official cooperation agreement with the chief physician of Maternite, KD Dr. med. Stephanie von Orelli.

Please call us

– If you bleed for more than two weeks or if the bleeding increases again after the 5th day instead of decreases.
– If you feel massive abdominal cramps, chills or fever above 39°C.
– If the 1st period bleeding is much stronger than normal and does not stop.
– If the 1st period does not begin for more than 6 weeks.