Preliminary examination

During the preliminary examination, the week of pregnancy is determined by ultrasound after the medical consultation before a medical abortion can be performed.

The female doctor asks for risks regarding treatment and data on the current pregnancy and any previous pregnancies. Urine and blood are analyzed during the preliminary examination. Your blood group must be known, otherwise you will receive the drug Rhophylac® (preventive antibodies which are important for women with a rhesus-negative blood group; cost: 100 CHF).

In the 2nd part of the preliminary examination, the position and size of the fruit are determined with the vaginal ultrasound probe. If the embryo is 10 mm or larger, the pregnancy is older than 49 days. In this case we recommend a surgical procedure. The female doctor must know whether you have clearly decided to have an abortion and will inform you about the treatment procedure. We will discuss the course of the medical therapy, risks, side effects and alternatives.

According to the law, you must explain your distress. You give us the order to terminate the pregnancy with your signature. As you are unplanned pregnant, contraception (anti-conception) is an important topic in consultation hours. We will inform you about safe contraceptive methods. Please ask any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them.

Why is my partner not allowed to take part in the preliminary examination? He took time off especially for this reason.

I understand your wish very well. An abortion can often be a great burden, not only for the pregnant woman, but also for the partner and the relationship. Since I do not know the woman, her life situation and her relationship before the first interview, I have to expect everything. The woman must be able to clarify her situation with the physician and discuss her decision freely. Only in a second step is it possible to involve the partner if necessary.

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