Will a child be killed during abortion?

No, because an embryo or fetus is only viable after 24+0 weeks of pregnancy. Before that, pregnancy is a part of the pregnant woman’s body. The woman can essentially decide for herself and even on her own whether she wants to have her child grown up and delivered within herself and as part of herself.
With extremely premature babies (24+0 weeks of pregnancy and the first weeks afterwards), survival is not always possible despite high-tech medicine. If the children born on the edge of life survive, their brain development may be impaired. It is possible that they show deficits in school or as adults. In 24+0 week old premature babies, the brain is only partially developed. The ability to perceive oneself as one’s own personality only develops with the growth of nerve connections as an infant.

When does life begin? Dear team! I am doing my Matura thesis about abortion. Now I would need the opinion of different people (doctors, consultants, gynecologists) who tell me - when does human life begin? When can you say, now it is a child and no ``tissue``, cell cluster anymore?

Human life began several hundred thousand years ago and continues to develop. A person is born and dies. A person becomes a person through birth. Before birth, human life develops according to conception. Also legally seen, the human being becomes a human being through birth. The Swiss Penal Code requires that the more advanced a pregnancy is, the more serious the reasons for an abortion must be. From 23 to 24 weeks, a viable person can be born. Your question about the beginning of the human being is a question of definition. The definition of the human being is a question of power and a question of life and death. If women have too little self-determination, they are driven into misery, infirmity and death. Illegal abortions are still one of the most important causes of illness and death of young women worldwide. Women must be able to control their own bodies as much as possible. During pregnancy their self-determination is obviously increasingly restricted by the increasing rights of an emerging human being. It is only from the moment of birth that society is fully responsible for the rights of the defenseless child. Before birth, the expectant child is a part of the mother’s body. The respect for each individual human being stands before every power of society. When the mother’s physical integrity is disregarded, access to her mother becomes monstrous in favor of absolute ideas about human life.

Is it true that the embryo feels pain?

No, an embryo cannot feel pain like a human or a mammal. The corresponding nerve structures are not yet present and do not form until the beginning of the last third of pregnancy. The embryo in its state is like under anesthesia.

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