In my consultation hours I will advise you comprehensively on various topics in connection with abortion.

Possible topics are:
• Counselling in case of uncertainty, whether an abortion should be carried out or whether you decide to carry out the pregnancy.
• Assistance in decision-making and ambivalence, discussion of financial aspects and analysis of your current life situation.
• Counselling of young women and adolescents. Privacy from parents is often an issue here. If the parents pay the young woman’s health insurance premium, an individual consultation with the health insurance company is required. You will find here a letter to the health insurance company (5.2) which may be helpful.
• Counselling of women under 16 years of age. A consultation with a counselling center specializing in young people is required beforehand.
• Counselling for late pregnancies over 12 weeks of pregnancy. These pregnancies are no longer subject to the so-called deadline regulation, which regulates abortion before 12 weeks in Switzerland.
• Counselling if you wish to have a late abortion (over 16 weeks of pregnancy).
• Counselling on legal issues such as secrecy, medical confidentiality, clarification of paternity.

I take time for you

I will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions. Give me a call.
Not every woman wants an abortion immediately. I advise you in a value neutral way. After the consultation, many women chose to stay with me for further pregnancy checks until giving birth.

For your information

Occasionally I am contacted by people who do not wish to have an abortion themselves. These are requests from official bodies or from persons who deal with the subject of abortion, for example as seminar papers.

• The statistics section contains general data on the frequency of abortions in Switzerland as well as my own medical office statistics.
• You will find questions dealing with ethical topics.
Here you will also find links to pages with valuable information. Currently: the results of the Turnaway study.

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